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Fundacja Pomocy Osobom Niepełnosprawnym "Słoneczko"

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Zuzka was born on the 20th of July 2010 in the 35th week of pregnancy weighing only 2.7kg.

It wasn't until she was born that the doctors discovered she was Down syndrome and also found two small holes in her heart, so she was sent to Our Lady's Children's Hospital in Dublin

uzka spent the first month of her life in hospital under the doctors and nurses' care but her health deteriorated and her heart condition got worse. Specialists informed her parent that she needed an operation to save her life but due to the complexity of it the doctors at the hospital wont do it.

Zuzka's condition consists of:
RV dominant AV septal defect
Severe subaortic stenosis - the subaortic area 2-3 mm, bicuspidaortic valve
Moderate - severe AV valve regurgitation
Left aortic arch, interruption between LCA and LSA
PDA with right to left shunting
Moderate LV hypoplasia
RV systolic and diastolic dysfunction

Her case was referred to a Children's Hospital in Boston were cardiologist dr Del Nido said he is prepared to carry out the operation that could save Zuza's life. Unfortunately the operation is too expensive for her parents to fund alone. The total amount needed to save Zuzka's is $200,000.

Zuzka's parents are devastated and can't stand the thought of losing their first child. Amazingly since the 19th of November Zuzka doesn't need a tube in order to eat and drink and is managing alone. She is also smiling and she reacts to light and noise. Her parents believe that this is a sign that Zuzka wants to live.

" She is a very strong small spark, and we can't let her fade" her mum says.

" I really wish Zuzka could run, jump and be like any other child, we just want to give her a chance."

Zuzka's parents are trying to raise enough awareness and funds to help save their daughters life. They are asking people for anything they can afford, no matter how little, as it all counts and is going towards a good cause.

They would like to thank everybody who is involved in and anybody that donates towards Zuzka's operation. They can't express in words their gratitude towards everybody's generosity so far but think that a massive thank you would be a good place to start!

contact +353 860382501